The Story

In 1978, movie brats and network execs joined forces to create The Star Wars Holiday Special, a costly, disastrous variety show that aired on CBS exactly once. George Lucas wanted to smash every copy of the special with a hammer, but thanks to bootlegs and the internet it went on to become a cult classic...

...and Special is the jaw-dropping, true-ish story of how a smash hit space opera became the worst TV show in the galaxy!

Writer: Andrew Osborne

Andrew is an Emmy-award winning writer with credits including the Sundance premiere ON_LINE, his own feature debut APOCALYPSE BOP and the Discovery Channel game show CASH CAB. Andrew has also written film, theater, comic book and interactive scripts for Warner Bros., MTV, HBO, Orion, MPCA, The Pinehills Players, The Builder’s Association, Platinum Studios, Digital Anvil, enVie Interactive and the Image Comics series BLUE ESTATE.  His novel BUILDING HEAVEN was recently published and his play NO LOVE premiered at the Eclectic Company Theatre with Kerr Seth Lordygan directing.

Director: Kerr Seth Lordygan

Kerr is an L.A. theatre vet with numerous stage and screen credits as an actor (including LOST: THE MUSICAL, OUTSMARTED, NUCLEAR FAMILY, and the voice of Justin Deep on Netflix's SUPER DRAGS), director (including NO LOVE, THE LAST TRAIN TO NIBROC, CARRYING ON)  and writer [including plays ASKANCE and THE HIT -- soon to be a feature film -- and the web series IRON NEST OF THE MOON).  He's also produced theatre and is currently a member of Theatre of NOTE in Hollywood, CA after having served as President of the Eclectic Company Theatre in North Hollywood, CA for six years. 


Paris Benjamin


Carrie, Bobby's Mother, Farrah, 

Lenny, Floor Manager, Diahann, Clerk

Alex Elliott-Funk


Hot Rod, Bruce, Shields, 

Bea (Understudy), Michael Hirsh, Lumpy, Irvin, Lawyer, Chauffeur

Lance Guest


Announcer, Harrison, Marcello, 

Paul, Charles, Pat, Medic, Malla

Jennifer Hugus


Marcia, Mitzie, Yarnell, 

Pat's Daughter, Harrison's Wife

Rich Lehmann


George, Ken, Steve, 

Devil-Faced Alien 

Marty Yu


Bobby, Acomba, Gary, Dwight, 

Harvey, Itchy, Teamster, Editor, Mustachioed Anchorman, Moderator